Myanmar is rich with a spectacular history and way of life. It is what makes the

country famous among different nearby international locations. Apart from the wonders and beauty of Myanmar, it is also rich in every year festivities. Throughout the year, Myanmar celebrates one of a kind gala’s. Having a listing of those celebrations will help you decide when to visit Myanmar and recognise what festivities to count on within the u . S . A . In specific months. Visit :- ประเพณีแปลกทั่วโลก

List of Myanmar Seasonal Festivities

Manaw Festival – The Manaw Festival is celebrated each 29th and 30th of January within the Kachin State. It is the Burmese celebration of the New Year. The joyful celebration is congregated at the Myitkyina with all the Kachin clans, which are the Myanmar hill human beings. During the Manaw pageant, the Kachin tribes put on traditional costumes and dance around the Manaw poles, similar to the totem poles of the North American Indians. Visit :- เทศกาลแปลกใหม่

Ananda Pagoda Festival – This joyful celebration is well known each January, relying on the lunar calendar. The Ananda pagoda pageant is a famous birthday celebration within the country. Monks wait in line as they are supplied alms which includes bowls of crisps. There also are excursion outings and pilgrimages finished around the us of a. Visit :- offerpost

Naga New Year Festival – This is widely known within the Sagai department. It is one of the maximum interesting and colorful ceremonies in Myanmar. Hundreds of human beings from one of a kind tribes put on their vibrant costumes and carry out ritual dances within the streets. You can witness this pageant each 12th to 16th of January. Visit :- offerpostประเพณีแปลกทั่วโลก

Htamane Festival – The Htamane festival or sticky rice festival is celebrated all over Myanmar throughout the months of February until March. This birthday party is all about the harvest of sticky rice and sesame seeds. The countrymen will cook styles of sticky rice dishes. The Myanmar sticky rice is found all over Southeast Asia, but it is ritually celebrated in Myanmar and is considered a country wide excursion.

Mahamuni Pagoda Festival – This is another Myanmar competition celebrated all through the month of February. During this competition, there are contests held on the pagoda platform. There is also a ramification of incense sticks burned as an providing to the u . S .’s Buddha image. All those are held throughout a complete moon.

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival – The Shwedagon competition is a standard Buddhist pagoda pageant. It is one of the maximum important festivities of pagoda in Myanmar, and is widely known each twenty first of March. Visit :- ประเพณีแปลกที่สุด ประเพณีแปลกเหลือเชื่อประเพณีแปลกเชื่อได้งานแต่งประเพณีแปลก

Kakku Pagoda Festival – Every March or Tabaung of the year, on a complete moon, Myanmar celebrates the Kakku Pagoda Festival. March is the final month of the Myanmar lunar calendar. It is a three-day joyful celebration of fun, gossips and trade for the older locals. Young humans spend time with their pals and is also a time for them to fall in love. Thousands of humans dress in colourful traditional costumes as they supply offerings before the dawn of the whole moon.

Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival – This is one in all the largest pagoda festivals in the Upper region of Myanmar. The Mann Shwe Sattaw is discovered at the river ridge of Ayeyawaddy in Magwe. This is widely known inside the Magway division each 8th day of April.

Water Festival – This is the most famous and vibrant birthday celebration in Myanmar. All the human beings of Myanmar will abandon paintings during at the moment and stand still. They will all collect within the distinct pagodas of the usa and provide offerings to the priests even as they play conventional games and joyfully celebrate in spirit. This event is executed each twelfth to seventeenth day of April.

Taung Byone Festival (Nat Pwe) – During the month of August, the Myanmar human beings rejoice the Taung byone pageant where they commemorate the spirits. This party is derived from the Hindu Natta, who is their lord and savior.

Yadana Gu Festival – Celebrated every 24th to thirtieth of August, the Yadana Gu competition is the maximum pleasant event as human beings row boats in honor of Mt. Popa.

Hot Air balloon Festival – This is a very interesting birthday party in Myanmar. Every sixth to 12th of November, human beings collect in Southern Shan State to give their precise and colourful hot air balloons. It is something to sit up for while you pay a visit to Myanmar in November.

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