Tips to Shift Your Spending

After an expensive holiday season, many of us may be entering a season of frugality, and the thought of spending money at all may be overwhelming. But the 2022 Buy Local Pledge doesn’t have to mean spending extra money–we challenge you to choose to spend your money that you would already be spending at local businesses instead of multinational companies and chains. 

For example, why not choose to support a Greater Victoria local business when shopping for groceries? When you’re getting a car repair or filling up your gas tank? When you’re looking for wellness treatments, such as physiotherapy or getting an eye check up?

House of Boateng
Peninsula Co-op

Even spending your money locally on your essential purchases has huge impacts: on a BC wide scale, a 10% shift in shopping towards local creates 14,150 jobs and $4.3 billion for BC’s economy. And those local businesses who you support with your shift recirculate $63 out of every $100 back into the local economy, compared to just $14 by multinationals–that’s 4.6 times more impact! 

While choosing to spend locally for gifts and treats is fantastic anytime of year, a 10% shift in shopping habits towards supporting Greater Victoria local businesses doesn’t have to be expensive. Evidently, making a lifestyle change to choose local for your everyday purchases has huge economic impacts. Therefore, we encourage you to develop spending habits locally and take our 2022 Buy Local Pledge

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